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Common Deer-Resistant Plants and Flowers

DATE:September 11, 2020BY:Logical Position

Growing a beautiful garden only for nearby wildlife to snack on it can be frustrating. Hey, if you love growing deer or rabbit buffets, we won't judge, but not everyone is going for that. This guide will introduce you to some of the most common deer-resistant plants and flowers you can use to build a strong, beautiful garden.


To humans, peonies feature beautiful displays of petals flowing out from green foliage. Peony colors are also very eclectic, with some sporting bright pink petals and others showcasing dark shades of red or brown. However, deer don’t find them quite as appealing. The reason for this is peonies’ scent and flavor. The scent won’t harm the deer, but it will certainly cause them to back off.


Daffodils, or narcissi, are literally full of themselves thanks to the sturdy cups that reside within their collections of petals. Just like peonies, daffodils are truly beautiful in the eyes of humans thanks to their design and wide array of colors. Daffodil designs include but are not limited to a stunning collection of yellow petals surrounding an orange inner cup, white petals and yellow cups, or yellow coloring through and through.

Don't mistake their beauty for safety, though, because they’re very harmful to deer. Since daffodils are so poisonous to deer, they'll leave these flowers be whenever they scout your yard for a meal.

Hakone Grass

Hakone grass is a type of ornamental grass that provides your garden with flowing golden foliage. Some appear golden all over, but some can sport stylish stripes of green as well. Hakone grass doesn’t just act as a great accent to a home garden—it also won't fall victim to any deer that pop by for a late-night snack. Unlike daffodils, hakone grass won't harm the deer—they just don't like it.


Ferns are types of plant that, similar to hakone grass, provide your garden with a simple, stylish texture. Plus, just like the other plants on this list, most ferns won’t fall victim to hungry deer. Whether you want a bold green polystichum or a white or purple athyrium, you can plant it without worrying about deer chewing it up.

Now that you’re up to speed on these common deer-resistant plants and flowers, you’re ready to start planting them in your yard. If these choices don’t stand out to you, a large collection of other deer-resistant plants is available at The Gentlemen’s Backyard, such as false goat’s beard and black-eyed Susans.



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