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How to Select Perennials for Your Yard

DATE:June 19, 2020BY:Darko Djokovic

Perennial plants come in a variety of designs and colors, all of which experience growth, death, and rebirth during its annual lifecycle. These easy-to-grow plants are wonderful additions to any yard, but there’s a key thing to remember: you need to know how to select perennials for your yard. Before you go and buy the first perennial you see with a pretty name or color pattern, you need to know how which plants your garden is compatible with.

Are Your Plants Shady?

When it comes to sunlight, perennials can be split into two categories: those that thrive in the sun and those that thrive in the shade. Finding the right perennials for your yard begins by looking at the shade or lack thereof. You may want to plant a perennial that grows in the shade, but if you don’t have enough of it in your yard, you’ll have to opt for a different perennial—such as salvia—that thrives without sun. You can also choose to restructure your garden to provide more shade for the perennial.

Blooming in Unison

One factor that applies to any and all gardens is that you should structure the garden by blooming times. That way, your plants can all bloom together. It’s not necessary for your plants’ survival; it’s simply a way to keep your garden beautiful and organized. Perennials look particularly nice blooming alongside vegetables, shrubs, and trees.

How’s Your Soil?

Next, you’ll have to look at the soil conditions in your garden. Matching the right soil to the right perennial is another key part of its survival. For example, some perennial plants such as urn orchids require well-drained, moist soil conditions to grow. On the other hand, other perennials such as coreopsis prefer sandy soils.

Climate Is Key

Just like your soil condition, the climate conditions your perennials will endure are important to their ability to thrive. Perennial plants such as echinacea are best suited for hot climate conditions. However, if you need a perennial to survive in a cold climate, plants such as achillea are best outfitted for such environments.

Now that you know how to select perennials for your yard, you can add them to your garden in a way that will ensure their survival. Perennials will thrive under the right conditions, and they’ll also add a unique look to your home garden. If you live in Canada and want to add these plants to your yard, we can help you out. The Gentleman’s Backyard delivers perennial plants in Canada, and we have a wide array to choose from, including—but not limited to—all the perennials mentioned above.



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