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The Best Perennial Shrubs for Your Garden

DATE:July 31, 2020BY:Darko Djokovic

The Best Perennial Shrubs for Your Garden

Beginners in the world of gardening might only think about flowers, but there’s more to the subject than that. The diversity of plant life you can add to your garden is immense, from vines to trees to shrubs. If you’re interested in improving your yard with a burst of incredible foliage, use this guide to introduce yourself to some of the best perennial shrubs for your garden.


Hydrangea is a perennial that sports dark foliage with beautiful bunches of flowers on the ends. It’s best to plant hydrangeas during the fall. This will allow them to fully bloom during the summertime. It may sound like a long time in advance to plant, but the purpose of this is to let the root system establish itself. At Gentlemen’s Backyard, we offer several forms of hydrangea shrubs, including Invincible Ruby, Double Delights, Wedding Gown, Lavalamp Flare, and Lavalamp Moonrock. Both Lavalamp Flare and Invincible Ruby bloom with petals that showcase a mixture of white and pink, while Lavalamp Moonrock and Wedding Gown have creamy white petals upon blooming.

The colors and designs differ, but what these and other hydrangeas have in common is that they’re easy to maintain and deer-resistant. They also attract both butterflies and bees and require either partial or full sun throughout the day. Additionally, during the growing period, you’ll only need to provide them with about an inch of water each week. Here’s a quick tip—water hydrangeas in the morning on particularly hot summer days. Hydrangeas can handle full sun, but this will help them remain strong and healthy in the face of extreme heat.

Salix Flamingo

This beautiful willow is broad-leafed and fast-growing. It sports long, red stems from which foliage grows in a vibrant mixture of green, white, and pink. When it comes to watering, keep this in mind: the drier the climate, the more frequently the salix flamingo needs water. It also requires soil that’s always moist yet well-drained. Because this shrub loves moisture so much, providing it with a healthy layer of mulch will help it retain moisture so that it can properly thrive in your garden.

Similar to hydrangeas, the salix flamingo can handle either partial shade or full sun. However, giving it full sun will produce the richest foliage color. This shrub is also similar to hydrangeas in the way that it attracts bees and butterflies, though it’s deer-resistant as well.

From their brilliant colors to their low-maintenance requirements, these are the best perennial shrubs for your garden. If you’re interested in obtaining these perennial shrubs, then visit our online garden store, which will also introduce you to a wide selection of perennial vines and other beautiful plant life for your yard.



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