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The Best Shade-Loving Perennial Flowers

DATE:June 23, 2020BY:Darko Djokovic

Two of the most important factors you have to consider when buying plants is how much shade it requires and whether you can provide that shade. There are two forms of shade that flowers receive: full shade and partial shade. Partial shade means that the flower receives some direct sunlight during the day, typically for only three to four hours. Full shade means the flower receives no more than an hour of direct sunlight, though receiving filtered sunlight throughout the day is usually fine.

If you want to spruce up your shady garden with some perennials, we can help you find the right flower for the job. These are the best shade-loving perennial flowers that you can add to your garden with ease.


Astilbe is a common perennial that will burn with too much sun. However, with the right amount of shade and a supply of moist, well-drained soil, astilbes can transform those dark spots of your garden into something more visually appealing. They do this with the help of their bold, green foliage and eye-popping, colorful flowers. Astilbes bloom in the summertime and can come in a few different colors, such as red, pink, and white.


This perennial produces large, evergreen leaves and cup-like flowers that typically bloom during the late winter or early spring seasons depending on your local climate conditions and which type of hellebore you choose to plant. This flower, which is commonly called a rose despite not actually being a rose, prefers a cool, shady climate to thrive in. Hellebores also require well-drained soil packed with organic matter to properly grow.


This perennial thrives in partial shade and moist, well-drained soil, resulting in a lovely three-pedal bloom in early spring. Trillium’s green foliage pairs beautifully with a variety of flower colors, from deep red to snowy white. After blooming in the springtime, trillium will flower and eventually go dormant by midsummer. You can spot when the plant is dormant by the foliage color, which will turn yellow after producing seeds and nearing dormancy. Planting trillium in soil that’s rich in organic matter minimizes the necessity for watering. You’ll still have to water them during dry weather, but trillium tends to be a low-maintenance flower.

By adding some of the best shade-loving perennial flowers to areas in your garden that lack color, you can bring them life in a vibrant, natural way. At The Gentlemen’s Backyard, we have a wide range of shade-loving perennial plants for you to choose from, including variations of the plants mentioned above.



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