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Tips for Growing Peony Flowers

DATE:June 19, 2020BY:Darko Djokovic

Peonies are beautiful perennials that can live as long as a century under the right conditions. If you’re planning on introducing peonies into your garden for the first time, you should know a few things beforehand. These tips for growing peony flowers will play a vital role in your peonies’ ability to thrive for a very, very long time.

Don’t Get Too Deep

When planting peonies in your garden, make sure not to plant them too deeply in your soil. Only about one or two centimeters of soil should cover the upper roots. The reason for this is to accommodate for one of the two root types associated with peonies, which are underground stems. If you plant the peonies too deep in your soil, they won’t flower properly.

Battling Botrytis

A common fungal disease—botrytis—can infect your peonies. This infection can rot peony roots and blacken the leaves and buds. In many cases, botrytis can lead to buds failing to bloom. The disease can be a side effect of peonies growing in unusually cool, rainy weather conditions.

That’s why it’s important to grow peonies with plenty of sun, good air circulation, and well-drained soil. If botrytis occurs in your garden, remove any infected plants from the soil and dispose of them as soon as possible.

A Little Help for Your Stems

When peonies begin to bloom, those large flowers can be a bit too much for their long, thin stems to handle. To provide these plants with structural support when they begin growing in size, invest in some peony rings. You can install these rings directly into your soil—as the peonies grow, the rings will provide them with direction and support. That way, your flowers can thrive without the risk of drooping down onto your soil.

These tips for growing peony flowers are things you should always keep in mind if you’re introducing this plant into your garden. As with any new plant, there may be bit a bit of a learning curve, depending on what you’re used to planting. Luckily, peonies are typically easy to plant, and they shouldn’t be too much trouble for even novice gardeners. If you want to order plants online in Canada, The Gentlemen’s Backyard can provide you with a wide array of peonies and other long-lasting perennials to add to your garden when the right season comes around.



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