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Arisaema 'Triphyllum'


Common name: Jack In The Pulpit   Commonly called Jack-in-the-pulpit, is a spring woodland wildflower usually growing 1- 2' tall. Flowering plants initially produce only male flowers but become hermaphroditic as they further age (male flowers on the upper part of spadix and female on lower part). Most plants in a colony will vanish by mid-summer (become dormant), but the mature, hermaphroditic flowering plant will produce a cluster of red berries in mid to late summer which becomes visible as the spathe withers. Roots contain calcium oxalate (same chemical as in Diffenbachia or dumb cane) and are poisonous.   Size: #1 Bulb/Corm Height: 18.0"-24.0" Spread: 12.0"-18.0"...

Arisaema 'Griffithii'


Common name: Griffith's Cobra Lily  This is one of the strangest and most spectacular species of all arisaemas. Its bizarrely shaped spathe and reptilian hood-like spathe-limb do indeed suggest the name cobra lily. The Hood is deep burgundy with fine greenish-yellow markings. An 18 inch long burgundy tail on the end of the spadix dangles like a thin twisted and kinked thread. The leaves are coarse-textured with purple blotches. Native to Nepal, India and Bhutan. Size: #1 Bulb/Corm Height: 18.0"-24.0" Spread: 12.0"-18.0" Hardiness Zones: 5(tender),6,7,8,9,10 Sunlight: Bright/Partial Shade Deer resistant



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