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Blackberry 'Chester' THORNLESS


Considered to be one of the most winter hardy and productive thornless varieties available, Chester produces large, very sweet, high quality berries with great flavour. Excellent for fresh use, jams, jellies, and baking. The vigorous semi-trailing plant can grow canes up to 3.5 meters (12 feet) long so it benefits from trellising. Shows good resistance to cane blight. HARVEST: MID AUG SELF-FERTILE  ZONE 4/5  

Blackberry 'Balsors Hardy'


An exceptionally very hardy variety from Nova Scotia. Bearing, on long spiny canes and over a long period. Berries are very large and sweet. Ripening in late summer(August). Produces fruit the second year. Zone 4.   Blackberries are great for baking or eating fresh off the plant.  HARVEST: Mid-Late AUG SELF-FERTILE  ZONE 4/5  



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