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Chrysanthemum Mammoth(™) ‘Dark Pink Daisy’


Common Name: Pink Daisy Mammoth Mum When searching for an accent plant with vigor, style and a substantial size, look no further than this giant mum! During the last weeks of summer, when the seasonal perennials are fading from the garden, ‘Pink Daisy’ is just getting started, producing plenty of pretty, deep pink flowers with sunny yellow eyes. The lovely flowers, which fade to a lighter pink hue as they age, make a fine contrast to the russet tones of fall. Place Pink Daisy near an entryway, along a walkway, or even in a decorative container that can be moved...

Chrysanthemum Mammoth(™) ‘Red Daisy’


Common Name: Red Daisy Mammoth Mum, Hardy Mum Such bold red colour looks outstanding on a plant that completely blankets itself in blooms! ‘Red Daisy’ Mammoth Mum is actually perennial, and grows in a tidy mound without the help of pinching and pruning. That makes this a great option for lasting structure along a border. Each fall, when your summer display has faded, 'Red Daisy’ reliably brings floral beauty back into the garden. Size: 3.5" Potted Plant Height: 30.0-36.0” Spread: 60.0-72.0” Flower Description: Bold red flowers with bright yellow centres; Daisy-like 3-4”. Light Requirement: Full Sun to Partial Shade. Soil Type: Plant in well-drained, humus-rich...

Chrysanthemum Mammoth(™) ‘Lavender Daisy’


Common Name: Hardy Mum This is not like the containers of chrysanthemums you'll find in grocery stores, which you'll have to discard after one fall season. The University of Minnesota created Mammoth Mums that, when planted in spring, can survive winter temperatures down to -30°F and come back bigger and stronger the next season! You will not need to pinch, prune or deadhead to get this perennial to grow into a tidy mounded shape. ‘Lavender Daisy’ Mammoth Mum coats itself in beautiful, vibrant blooms from mid September until frost. It attracts butterflies, not deer. Size: 3.5" Potted Plant Height: 30.0-36.0”...

Chrysanthemum Mammoth(™) ‘Yellow Quill’


Common Name: ‘Yellow Quill’ Mammoth Mum, Hardy Mum Don't throw this out at the end of the season! We know, it's typical to grow mums for a fall container show and discard them out after the season, but there's no need with this incredible mammoth mum! Without pinching, pruning, or deadheading, this plant will mature to a nicely mounded form, completely coated in fall colour. As a perennial, it's great for lasting structure in the garden and dependable colour after the big summer show is through. Yellow Quill's flower form is unique too! The yellow petals are unusually fluted, some with a little...



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