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Euphorbia polychroma


Common name: Spurge    Cushion Spurge is a popular perennial for spring display, especially nice to use alongside tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs. Outstanding for its display of bright golden-yellow flowers, over a perfect cushion of light green leaves. Excellent for edging, in the rock garden. Interesting for cutting. Usually has beautiful red fall foliage colour. Plants can be divided in fall or very early spring. Trimming back hard (to 4 inches) in early summer will keep this bushy and compact.  As an added bonus, it is highly heat and drought tolerant.      Photo courtesy of: Walters Gardens Inc Size: #1 Bare...

Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'


Common name: Spurge   The unique variegated foliage of 'Ascot Rainbow' is phenomenal and looks fantastic the garden from spring through fall.  Narrow, grey-green leaves have a striking yellow edge. The foliage is topped by clusters of variegated cream, lime, and green flowers (bracts) in spring.  In the cooler months, the foliage at the ends of the stems becomes flushed with shades of red, pink, and orange.  In our location near Lake Michigan where summer temperatures are a bit cooler, a bit of the pink coloring remained all summer long.  We did not observe any reversion in our trials.  Overwinters well in...



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