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Heucherella 'Catching Fire'


Common name: Foamy Bells I love brightly colored plants, especially those with gold or bright green foliage! The Vibrant lime green leaves of 'Catching Fire' are rounded, giving it a refined presence in the garden. In the centers of each leaves are very defined flame-shaped markings that flare from the center like cherry red fire.  Cream flowers appear in early summer. This is a very polished, vigorous plant. For best foliage color and performance, plant in an area with filtered sun or afternoon shade.  ‘Catching Fire’ is a H. villosa hybrid which means that it is naturally more heat and humidity tolerant and...

Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise’


Common Name: Foamy Bells, Alabama Sunrise Changes colour with the seasons! The deeply cut foliage, in spring to midsummer, is gold with red veins. In late summer, the leaves go to green with red veins. In fall, the older foliage turns orange pink. It is very vigorous. Small white flowers splash the spring and early summer foliage.  Heucherella is a hybrid genus produced from a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella. ‘Alabama Sunrise’ is the first Heucherella from TN with H. villosa breeding.  From Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc. Size: 3.5” potted plant Height: 12.0-20.0” Spread: 20.0” Flower Description: Sprays of small white flowers appear...

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea'


Common Name: Foamy Bells 'Sweet Tea', pp21296 Spring leaves like cinnamon stars. The big, palmately cut leaves of this Heucherella hybrid darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. Its H. villosa breeding gives it a big bold habit. An instant classic for containers and garden. Heucherella are a hybrid cross between Heuchera and Tiarella, resulting in plants with similar growth and cultural characteristics as their parents. Most produce nice compact mounds with colourful foliage and sprays of tiny flowers in spring. Excellent for rock gardens or woodland settings. Photo(s) courtesy of TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. www.terranovanurseries.com Size: 3.0'" Potted Plant  Height: 20.0" Spread: 24.0-28.0"...

Heucherella 'Pink Fizz'


Common name: Foamy Bells Heucherellas are durable plants for sun or shade. 'Pink Fizz' is a newer Heucherella that forms a full clump of large, deeply lobed, soft green leaves with a light silvering and heavy wine red to deep purple veining. It keeps its cool coloring and maintains its tight habit all season. From early through midsummer, pure pink flowers burst open from hot pink buds on scapes that bubble up above the leaves like strawberry soda pop. The flowers are closely spaced on the wands, giving a strong show of color just above the foliage.  Heucherella is a...

Heucherella 'Plum Cascade’


Common Name: Foamy Bells A fountain of trailing purple foliage masked with a silver veil gives a smoky ethereal glow.  'Plum Cascade' has lobed, purple silver leaves. Small, light pink flowers appear all summer. This variety has elegant EXCELLENT vigor. Purple foliage is widely available in Heuchera but finding a purple leaf variety of Heucherella is a different story. We have fallen in love with this unique variety. Heucherella proves to be hardy than most Heuchera because of their Tiarella parentage.  Heucherella is a hybrid genus produced from a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella. ‘Plum Cascade’ is the first purple Heucherella,...

Heucherella 'Hopscotch'


Common name: Foamy Bells FUN AND GAMES® Collection  ‘Hopscotch’ Leaves emerge red with dark red centers early in spring, before lightening to bronze red-orange. Each leaf is lobed, giving it a unique lacy texture in the garden. In the heat of summer, the leaves mellow to deep green. In late spring, cream, bottlebrush shaped flowers appear above the foliage. ‘Hopscotch’ is a H. villosa hybrid which means that it is naturally more heat and humidity tolerant, including greater vigor than Heucherellas without such parentage. The foliage is evergreen in most climates. Heucherella is a hybrid genus produced from a cross between Heuchera...

Heucherella 'Pink Revolution'


Common name: Foamy Bells There have been a few pink-flowered heucherellas introduced, but none with THIS MANY FLOWERS and none with such attractive foliage. A one-gallon pot of Pink Revolution can have over 100 stems of magenta pink flowers at once! It is truly a blooming machine and will not disappoint once the blooms are gone because the deeply cut foliage will develop silver and purple markings as they mature each season, giving the plant multiple seasons of interest.  Bees love heucherellas.  Foamy bells are a wonderful early nectar source for bees. Heucherella is a hybrid genus produced from a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella. Photos...



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