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Muscari 'Magic carpet mix' Jumbo Pack 30 Bulbs


Common name: Grape Muscari   Dark royal blue blooms are tipped with white and are long lasting in the spring garden. Each bulb will produce 2-4 spikes. Plant in groupings for best display. Full sun to light sade and well drained soil is best for these bulbs. Muscair is very easy to grow and will naturalize over time.  Bulbs require well drained soil. Will not perform well if soil holds to much water. Add sand or grit to the bottom of the hole to improve drainage.  Sold as: 20 Bulbs Size: 9/10 cm Bloom time:  Early Spring Hardy Zones: 3-9 Height: 6" Planting depth: 2" Spacing: 2"...

A collection of fall planting bulbs available in jumbo value packs.



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