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Nourished by Nature Natural Insect Repellent


$5 flat rate shipping fee on Nourished By Nature products. $5 for any quantity, shipping anywhere in Canada A all natural insect repellent. When applied this product will help repel those pesky insects making your time outside in the garden more enjoyable. NO greasy or sticky feeling left on you skin from this product. A natural product using a blend of essential oils.

Our Nourished by Nature Natural Insect Repellent keeps bugs away, making your outdoor experience even more enjoyable! We use a blend of essential oils to deter bugs. Our Natural Insect Repellent leaves your skin grease-free—avoid the sticky residue left by commercial bug sprays.

Why Do You Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a great alternative to synthetic pesticides. Bugs are becoming immune to commercial bug sprays so all-natural bug sprays are the new defense! Certain essential oils have distinct insect-repelling properties. Lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus oils contain citronella. Citronella masks insect-attracting scents found in human skin.

DEET Deterrents

DEET is the most common ingredient in commercial bug sprays but can have several determinantal effects including:

  • Headaches
  • Skin irritation
  • Burning eyes
  • Breathing difficulties

Fight against the usage of DEET with an all-natural bug spray that is as gentle on humans as it is on the environment.



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