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Penstemon 'Blackbeard'


Common name: Beardtongue   Blackbeard was a famous English pirate known for his black facial hair. The name of this hardy perennial is a play on words from the common name for Penstemon, Beardtongue. The dark feature referenced on this plant is its incredible foliage. Dark purple flower stems hold its lilac purple flowers with their white flaring tubes high above the low mound of deep eggplant purple leaves. Attractive dark burgundy seed pods follow the flowering performance for extended seasonal interest. ‘Blackbeard’ stays strictly upright all season long with no lodging. Like all  Penstemons, this one takes the heat...

Penstemon 'Elfin Pink'


Common name: Beardtongue Bright pink, long, trumpet-shaped flowers are borne in profusion on thin spikes in early summer. They make a tremendous color statement when planted in groups. Penstemons are very drought tolerant perennials that are easy to grow and are rarely bothered by insects or diseases. Plant them in full sun and watch as hummingbirds feast on their delicious nectar.   Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.  Size: Grade #1 Bare root Height: 12.0" Spread: 12.0 Inches Hardiness Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8 Sunlight: Full Sun (> 6 hrs. Direct Sun) Other Features: Attracts Butterflies & Bees and Hummingbirds



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