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Nepeta 'Cat's Pajamas'


Common name: Catmint  Cat's Pajamas is the perfect catmint for anyone who loves  the look but wants a smaller scale version. In addition to being a little over half the height, 'Cats Pajamas' also blooms about 2-3 weeks earlier than 'Cat's Meow'. The ball-shaped habit carries long, dark flower stems that hold indigo blue flowers. Unlike older varieties that only produce flowers at the top of the stems, this improved Catmint has blooms from the soil to the tips of the stems. Even when the flowers are past peak, the color of the rosy purple calyxes give your garden an...

Anemone FALL IN LOVE™ 'Sweetly'


Common Name: Japanese Anemone You'll love how this perennial will extend the seasonal interest of your garden. When other plants in your garden are fading, FALL IN LOVE™ 'Sweetly' is just getting started, producing rich, rose pink flowers in early fall. Semi-double flowers are produced above a large mound of dark green foliage. Spreads slowly through rhizomes. Plant with other fall bloomers and grasses. Proven Winners Variety. Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Sold as: 3.5in Starter Plant Height: 20-26" Spread: 24-30" Sunlight: Full Sun or Part Shade Hardy zones: 4,5,6,7,8 Attracts: Butterflies  Deer resistant 

Hibiscus 'Perfect Storm'


Common name: Rose Mallow At 3 feet tall, it will still be the centerpiece of your sunny garden. This beauty demands a presence! ‘Perfect Storm’ has huge, 7-8” wide, white flowers with a bright red eye that radiates out the veins, with the petals edged with pink. Enjoy its blooms from late summer into early fall. Proven Winners Variety.   This hardy Hibiscus is such a show stopper with huge 7-9" blooms.  They are late to bloom in the north but always put on a great show in mid Aug through till frost.   *They are slow to show signs of life in...

Dianthus 'Paint the Town Magenta'


Common Name: Pinks  Get ready for a new type of Dianthus from Proven Winners®! These beauties are prized for their bright colors and increased heat tolerance. ‘Paint the Town Magenta’ is one of the earliest Dianthus to bloom, producing ¾-1” wide, single vibrant magenta pink flowers and incredibly serrated petals. Flowers completely cover the plant when it’s in peak. Its glaucous blue foliage set it apart from other Dianthus of its type. Flowers appear in early summer, and a quick shearing after flowering will encourage them to rebloom in early fall. This is the perfect size to edge the front...

Grass Panicum virgatum 'Apache Rose'


Common name: Switch Grass   Neither rain nor wind will knock this solid grass down! ‘Apache Rose’ has a dense, upright, columnar habit with grey-green leaves. In the fall, the tips of the leaves are flushed with a hint of rosy-red.  While other green-leaved Switch Grass typically have cream or tan inflorescences, ‘Apache Rose’ has unique rose-colored flower panicles—a welcome color in the fall garden. Proven Winners Variety.  Switch grass gets its name from the peaceful swishing sound it makes when blowing in the wind. All parts of this grass are very sturdy, and will remain standing thru winter unless snows are...

Sedum 'Superstar'


 Common name: Stonecrop  This low maintenance, compact Stonecrop will be the star of your late summer garden. Dark turquoise succulent leaves have a smoky gray overlay. Later in the season, rosy pink flowers with hot pink carpels explode over the dome-like habit with great flower coverage. Dark purple seed heads extend the color long have it has finished blooming. Although compact, 'Superstar' is more of an intermediate groundcover, more in line with the height of the popular 'Pure Joy'. Proven Winners Variety.  This plant pairs perfectly with other fall bloomers like hardy garden mums, asters, and Black-Eyed Susans. Try a few in...

Clematis 'Stand by Me'


Common name: Bush Clematis  This non-vining Clematis is completely herbaceous, meaning that it dies back to the ground at the end of the growing season. Blue bell-shaped flowers appear from late May to June, with some rebloom into the later summer months. Proven Winners Variety.  These varieties bloom first on new growth beginning in midsummer, and then again on new shoots in early fall. The second round will likely produce smaller flowers than the first and flowers that were double the first time may be single the second time. Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Size: Grade #1 bare root Height:...

Hibiscus 'Holy Grail'


Common name: Rose Mallow  There's a whole lot to love about this plant, beginning with its incredible dark, near-black foliage of beautiful, oval shaped leaves. Rich, deep red flowers are enormous at 8-9 inches across. The red and black colors perfectly complement each other. As an added bonus, once the flowers are finished, bright green calyxes starkly contrast the dark foliage. Use in an area with consistent moisture as a focal point to build your garden around. Proven Winners Variety.  This hardy Hibiscus is such a show stopper with huge 7-9" blooms.  They are late to bloom in the north but...

Achillea 'Firefly Amethyst' XL Bareroot clump


Common Name: Yarrow  This new series of yarrow is not like the old Garden yarrow in grandma's garden. The stems on the Firefly series are a bit taller but very sturdy and make a great show in the garden. Plants are more clump forming then older yarrow's.  Proven Winners Variety.  Bright lavender pink flowers. Ages to light pink.  Large clumps. These clumps will quickly grow into a sizeable clump. We plant these clumps into 2gallon pots for June/July sales.   Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Size: Bareroot Clump  Height: 18-20" Spread: 32-36" Hardy Zones: 3,4,5,6,7 Light requirement: Full sun Attributes: Attracts butterflies, Attracts bees Deer resistant...

Hosta 'Coast to Coast'


Common name: Hosta 2020 Proven Winners National Hosta of the Year™ Adding a new color to the Proven Winners hosta line, ‘Coast to Coast’ is a giant, solid gold hosta that makes a striking specimen in the shade garden. Its foliage emerges gold in spring and turns lighter gold with a bit more sun exposure in the summer months. As the leaves mature, they become thick and puckered with wavy edges and have nearly white undersides. The upright vase-shaped clump is topped with green scapes carrying pale violet flowers in midsummer. This hosta tends to be more slug resistant because...

Dianthus 'Paint the Town Fuchsia'


Common Name: Pinks  Get ready for a new type of Dianthus for Proven Winners®! These beauties are prized for their bright colors and increased heat tolerance. This translates to better performance nearly nationwide, even in the heat-loving states. ‘Paint the Town Fuchsia’ is one of the earliest Dianthus to bloom, producing ¾-1” wide, single fuchsia flowers with lavender centers and incredibly serrated petals. Flowers completely cover the plant when it’s in peak. Its glaucous blue foliage set it apart from other Dianthus of its type. Flowers appear in early summer, and a quick shearing after flowering will encourage them to...

Baptisia 'Lemon Meringue'


Common name: False Indigo This new and exciting False Indigo was chosen not only for it's bright yellow flowers but also its excellent vigor.  It forms an upright, vase-shaped mound of attractive blue-green foliage topped with long, charcoal stems which carry the lemon yellow flowers in late spring to early summer.  The contrast of dark stems with light flowers really pops in the landscape, delivering an excellent floral display.  Ornamental seed pods extend the season of interest into fall. Baptisia is easy to grow and will thrive with little maintenance.  There are many potential applications in the landscape including meadow...

Hosta 'Waterslide'


Common name: Hosta With the addition of this beautiful blue Hosta, the color range of the SHADOWLAND® collection is now well-rounded. 'Waterslide' has wavy, ruffled leaves with heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden, and hold their blue color well into the summer season. Lavender flowers appear on proportionate flower scapes in late summer. This medium-sized hosta is a perfect companion to 'Wheee!' and suitable for landscapes and containers alike. Proven Winners Variety. Hostas are exceedingly popular perennials in today's gardens due to their versatility in the landscape. Their subtle colors, tall flower scapes,...

Nepeta 'Cat's Meow'


Common name: Catmint  Truly the “cat’s meow”, the best Nepeta we’ve seen yet!  Unlike most Nepetas that have a bit of a wild, unkempt look, this first class selection keeps its tidy, dense, rounded shape all season long.   Its small, grey-green, aromatic leaves are topped with well-branched stems carrying spikes of sky blue flowers with purple calyxes from early summer into early fall.   ‘Cat’s Meow’ has everything today’s gardeners are looking for: a low maintenance, drought tolerant, deer resistant, long blooming perennial that looks great all season. Proven Winners Variety.   When Nepeta's stems are broken, they release an aroma into the...

Phlox 'Cloudburst'


Common name: Garden Phlox  A brand new type of Phlox that combines the rich color of Tall Garden Phlox and the dome-like habits of Cushion Phlox. Dark purple buds open to lavender purple flowers with bright pink eyes that cover a broad, mounding, billowy habit. The pleasantly fragrant flowers cover the plant nearly all the way to the ground starting early summer and continue to bloom all summer long. Frustrated with mildew on your Tall Garden Phlox? 'Cloudburst' has excellent disease resistance; with broad, glossy, dark green leaves staying clean all summer long. Proven Winners Variety.   Photos courtesy of Walters...

Dianthus 'Classic Coral'


Common Name:  Pinks 'Classic Coral' is the long-awaited missing color of the FRUIT PUNCH® series. In early summer a splash of double, striking coral pink flowers is produced over a tight, compact mound of blue-green foliage. Members of the FRUIT PUNCH® series all share the following traits: semi double to double, fragrant flowers, and good heat and humidity tolerance. A quick shearing after flowering will encourage rebloom in early fall. FRUIT PUNCH® Dianthus are just the right size for the front of the sunny border and use in combination containers. Proven Winners Variety. Deer resistant, low maintenance and drought tolerant, attracts...

Cornus Arctic Fire®


Common Name: Dog Wood Arctic Fire® Red dogwood has beautiful red stems and a compact habit and is at its in the winter sunlight. This dwarf variety reaches just 3-5' feet rather than the 8-10' of conventional red-twig dogwood. Its smaller size makes this variety a great breakthrough for smaller gardens or residential landscapes. Tolerates a wide range of soil and light conditions. Plant a few extra to use in winter arrangements and holiday dècor! Native to North America. Top reasons to grow Arctic Fire® red-twig dogwood: - one of the most shade-tolerant ornamental shrubs - Tolerant of a wide range of...

Kniphofia 'Orange Blaze'


Common Name: Red Hot Poker  Bright orange flowers are densely packed onto the flower spike, and flowers are proportionate to the foliage. One of the most compact of the collection.  The spiky flowers and upright habit gives a very unique drama to your landscape, with rebloom extending the color late into the season. Grass-like foliage provides textural contrast to bold-leaved perennials, like Hibiscus. These tropical-looking plants are hardy to either zone 5b or 6, if you provide protection. A must-have.   Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Size: Bareroot Clump  Height: 24-30" Spread: 18-24" Hardy Zones: 6,7,8,9 Light requirement: Full sun Attributes: Attracts butterflies,...

Hydrangea 'Invincibelle® Ruby'


Proven Winners® 2020 Hydrangea of the Year!!! Common Name: Smooth hydrangea, ruby-red smooth hydrangea    The dark burgundy red flower buds of Invincibelle® Ruby open to a two-toned combination of bright ruby red and silvery pink. The foliage is extra dark and stems are strong, making this new hydrangea a gem in any garden. It is a strong rebloomer that will be an excellent addition to any garden. Like other smooth hydrangeas, it flowers on new growth and so blooms every year without fail. With the continuous blooms of these delightfully bright flowers, new and experienced green thumbs alike will be...

Monarda 'Leading Lady Plum'


Common name: Bee Balm   Bee Balm typically bloom in midsummer, but ‘Leading Lady Plum’ leads the way in early summer, flowering earlier and forming a more petite clump than other Bee Balm (like ‘Pardon My Purple’). She typically blooms from early summer into midsummer and grows just a foot tall. Proven Winners Variety.  Her densely branched, dark green, somewhat glossy foliage is topped with magenta purple blossoms coddled by deep blackish purple bracts. A fine mist of dark purple spots appears on the open petals. After the first flush of flowers is passing full bloom, a secondary flush blooms above the...

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