We are now shipping orders for Spring 2021. Please note that we are currently experiencing a 3 to 4 week backlog as we catch up on orders that have been placed all winter. Orders place today will not be shipped untill late June.

About us

  Welcome to our Spring 2021 selection. Though our online presence is only a a few years old, I have been growing and selling plants for the past 15+ years. My customers have come to know the quality of products and knowledge I provide them.

  The Gentlemen’s Backyard, located in Quispamsis, NB which is 20 KM NE of Saint John, NB. We do not have a physical storefront as we are a home-based operation. During the late spring and summer we do welcome our customers to contact us if they wish to arrange a visit.

   Our online store  provides you with the ability to view our complete selection for the upcoming season, and get your favorites while they are in stock. Your order will be shipped to you in late spring, while the plants are still dormant or just starting to grow.

  At The Gentlemen’s Backyard, we take pride in offering a wide selection fruits and berry plants. We refer to these as edibles to keep it simple ! No garden is truly complete until it has edible plants in. Having edibles in your garden is a great way to motivate kids to get involved in the garden. Not to mention, your home-grown fruit and berries will be the best, the freshest and tastiest you have ever tasted. I’m sure it has something to do with all the love we give our gardens. Because of this, you will find great selection of berries and other edibles listed here on our website. Many of the products in this category are newer varieties, or ones you don’t see often such as the thornless raspberry or the Pink currant.

  As a gardener, my promise to you is to always provide quality! Throughout my life I have ordered from many places, and been unhappy more times then I can remember. At The Gentlemen’s Backyard we will only ship you plants that we ourselves would want to receive. You will always find quality in our products from our bulbs, raspberry canes, perennial plants and peony roots.


 I wish you the best in the spring/summer season of 2020

 Shawn Mallet


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