We are now shipping orders for Spring 2021. Please note that we are currently experiencing a 3 to 4 week backlog as we catch up on orders that have been placed all winter. Orders place today will not be shipped untill late June.


When your shipment arrives it is important to unpack it right away. Your bare Root plants such as raspberries and strawberries will still be dormant, this is normal and preferred. You may see some eyes/buds on the plants. Whenever planting bare root, soaking in water for 30 minutes prior to planting. You will have great success with this technique. They should be planted right away so they do not dry out. If you are not able to plant right away you should still soak your roots and proceed to plant them in a soilless potting mix. They will begin to grow and once you prepare the site they can be transplanted.

 Bare root plants must be planted right away. Prior to shipping they were kept at near zero temperature to keep them from growing. Once they are shipped moisture loss to the plant is the biggest concern. 

  Our plants are grown in an unheated greenhouse, they are used to cool days and cold nights. They are not used to heavy frost. Plants that arrive to you as plugs or potted plants should be planted as soon as possible. Within the next day or two is ideal. Keeping these plants in the house will only cause weak growth. If your ground is not ready or the weather is still too cold to plant them outside, don' worry. Potting you plants up into small containers, and caring for them is still a good option. I say small container because the goal is plant them outside as soon as possible. Making sure to place these plants outside each day and bring them in each night to protect from heavy frost. You can also use a unheated shed or garage for this purpose. 



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