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                 March 26th, 2020

I want to send a message to our valued customers to inform you of how your order will be processed in the coming weeks. I know many businesses are shut down at this time with the health, and well being of their customers, staff, and family in mind. We are a small, home-based business, because of this we do not have employees on our premises. The nature of our items do not allow for us to simply hold bare roots/canes and small plants for shipping at a later time. As a gardener, you know how important it is to get roots and bulbs planted while they are fresh. Shipping plants is done successfully by doing this while they are young, thus reducing the risk of damaged foliage. 


 To ensure the highest quality for our customers, and a successful gardening season for you; your plants, bulbs, and bare roots will be processed under strict sanitary conditions and be packaged by only the two of us. 


  I will personally hand-deliver all parcels to the local Canada Post office for shipping to your assigned address. 


  If you are picking up your order, we will adhere to the social distancing regulations that are in place. Your order will be packed and placed outside the door, ready for pick up pickup (on a day and time that you agree to). If you would like to speak to me or have questions while picking up your order, I will certainly be available for this, social distancing respected. You are always welcome to call, email and text with your questions at any time. 


  While Canada Post is currently operating at normal capacity and there are no foreseen delays in their delivery service that does not mean we may not see changes in the coming weeks. I do ask that you be mindful and be aware that I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that your Spring 2020 season is an off to great start. If there are any changes or foreseen delays regarding shipping schedules or delays in shipping times, we will inform you ASAP.  You will find any updates on this page, on our FB page. If you do not follow us on FB, please do as I post on the page often. Orders will start to ship the last week of April for the west coast, moving to central and Atlantic Canada in the first week of May.


 Wishing you a season filled with success and adventure,




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