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Sempervivum ‘Chick Charms® Gold Nugget(™)‘



Common Name: hens and chicks, chick charms gold nugget hens and chicks

Gold Nugget™ (Hansen): A Chick Charms® original cultivar with unbelievable colours that seem to constantly shift. It is a stable genetic sport of S. ‘Ruby Heart’ that shows its most vibrant red, hot pink, and gold tones in the cooler fall and winter months. It is a strong grower and can reach over 5.0" in diameter

Hens & Chicks need plenty of outdoor sunlight to show their best colours and maintain a tight rosette form. Sempervivum do most of their growing in the spring and summer, yet they are incredibly frost hardy and will happily overwinter under a blanket of snow 

Size: 3.5“ potted plant 

Height: 3.0”

Spread: 5.0-6.0”

Flower/Foliage Description: Blooms of pink flowers in summer. The rosettes are an eye-catching gold colour with dark pink edges, which is exclusive to the Chick Charms® program. Sempervivum are also technically evergreen, meaning the leaves do not fall off during winter months. 

Light Requirement: Full Sun to Partial Shade. Better colouring with more light. 

Soil Type: Thrive in gritty, well-draining soils and pots with drainage holes. Do well in poor soil conditions such as sandy and low nutrients. Plant these in rock gardens, as ground covers, in retaining walls, or in patio planters.

Hardiness Zones: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Attributes: Deer Resistant, Attracts Bees, Drought Resistant, Showy Foliage, Foliage Interest, Showy Flower, Award Winner, Colour Changer, Fall Interest, Winter Interest

2019 Best New Perennial (IPM Show in Essen, Germany)

Care: Easy Care, Keep soil well drained, Protect from heavy rains and standing water to prevent rot

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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