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Clematis 'John Warren'



Common name: Clematis Vine

In the right situation, 'John Warren' can be an unusually striking clematis: the flower comes so close to perfection! Its markings and colors are delicate, and for its best effect, it needs to be seen close up, or given a strongly contrasting background. John Warren can grow tall, even above 12 feet (3.5m) if not headed. This variety will bloom well even if cut back heavily after the Spring bloom to keep it comparatively low. So it can be placed where its individual flowers are easily inspected.  First, to prevent its blanching out prematurely, keep it out of full sun. It is capable of flowering quite well in light shade. Second, consider giving it a host plant or a background of dark green or (even better) purple-leaf foliage. Purning group B2.

" 'John Warren' is one of the many well-regarded hybrids produced by the English breeder Walter Pennell, whose C. 'H.F. Young' we featured here in December 2000. Of unrecorded parentage, it was introduced in 1968 and named for the former head of horticulture for Riseholme College of Agriculture at Lincoln. By the mid-70s it had joined the phalanx of Pennell varieties offered at home and via export by the Fisk nursery, and it has since been widely propagated. A good indication of its popularity is the abundance of pictures of it on the Web. Quite apart from its garden merit, it hardly ever takes a bad photograph. Perhaps we all know some gardener out there for whom that would be a virtue beyond all its others. " sourced from  -http://www.clematisinternational.com

Size: 2.5" Potted Plant 

Height: 8.0-12.0' can be kept low

Spread: 2.0-3.0'

Hardiness Zones: 5,6,7,8,9

Sunlight: Full Sun or Part Shade

Attributes: Attracts Butterflies, suitable for containers

Deer Resistant

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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