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Earwig Trap



 These wooden earwig traps will prove to be your best defense against these very destructive insects. Gardeners from coast to coast suffer great setback each year from earwigs. Many gardeners are not even aware of what is skeletonizing the leaves of their plants. 

 Earwigs do most of the damage at night and in the early morning hours. Once the sun is up they find cool and moist spots to hide. Often hiding under rocks, logs and just beneath the soil surface. 

There are chemicals that can be used to control the population, but chemicals are not selective and they will kill other, possibly beneficial insects in your ecosystem. The way these traps work is by giving the earwigs a place to hide in the day. Simply place these traps in your garden. You can camouflage them from your sight by placing them under leaves or branches of plants. They work best when placed next to the base of plants. Every day to few days, during the day or early evening you should empty these traps.

1- Fill a bucket with very hot or soapy water. I use very hot water and this works fine.

2- Carefully pick the trap up and take the lid off. Have your trap facing up and down with one end in the bucket. Earwigs move quickly so make sure you are ready, and move quickly. You do not want them to get back into your garden.

3- Tap the trap against the bucket of soapy water or use the top of the trap to tap it. This will cause the earwigs to fall from the trap into the water. Place trap back. 

4- Once all your traps are emptied set the soapy water side for a few minutes to ensure the earwigs are dead. 

 Depending on how numerous your earwigs are, you can empty your traps daily. 

TIP- If you know you have earwigs but find the trap is not collecting them, remember they like moist places. Wet the inside of your trap, place the lid back on. You will notice a difference. 

 If you are vigilant you can greatly reduce the population in just on season. 

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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