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Eryngium P. Blue Glitter



Common Name: Sea Holly

 Looking for a perennial that will grow in that hot, sun-baked spot in your landscape? Sea Holly is just the plant! It thrives in that type of climate, and even grows in high-salt soils too (think seaside).

Sea Holly is adored by florists and gardeners alike for its unique and long lasting, blue, spiny flowers which add interesting color and texture to bouquets or the garden. They are produced on intensely silver-blue stems and stand high above the basal rosette of blue-green, deeply toothed, smooth textured leaves.

'Blue Glitter' is an improvement over older varieties because it matures quickly, produces a greater number of flowers, and has a more intense blue flower color. 

This species of Eryngium is one of the hardiest and it has proven to be a reliable, long-lived perennial.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

Size: 2.5" Starter

Hardiness Zones:



36.0-40.0 Inches


8.0-12.0 Inches



Full Sun (6+ hrs. Direct Sun)



Attracts Butterflies

Attracts Songbirds

Bee Friendly

Critter Resistant:

Deer Resistant


Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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