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Garlic, Purple Stripe 'Metchi' 1 Bulb



Common name: Fall Planting Garlic

   Purple Stripes varieties taste ancient ( in a good way), with an array of characteristics when eaten. The flavour of Metchi is very spicy. Considered gourmet garlic. Some find the Purple Stripe group to be the best for roasting, producing a sweet and exciting sensation on the palate. 

  They have a fair number of cloves per bulb; 6 to 10 being common. Because of this, the cloves are a good deal smaller than those of garlic from the Marbled Purple Stripe or Porcelain families, but they are typically uniform in size and well-formed, meaning they break apart easily from neighboring cloves when "popping" the bulb. Skins are not difficult to peel but they are tight, which helps them to store well into the new year. Purple Stripes tend to mature later in the season than many other varieties, pushing back the harvest date.

 Harvest-  Siberian harvests a little later in the season. Watch for the tell-tale sign of browning in the lower leaves.

 Storage-  Expect 5-6 months. Sometimes up to 7 months under the right conditions. 

 Bulbs require well drained soil. Will not perform well if soil holds to much water. 

Sold as: 1 Bulb

Size: M/L

Bloom time: N/A

Hardy Zones: 3-8

Height: N/A

Planting depth: 2"

Spacing: 6+"

Light requirement: Full sun



Repels Deer



Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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