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Garlic, Marbled Purple Stripe 'Siberian' 1 Bulb



Common name: Fall Planting Garlic, Hardneck Garlic

 Marbled Purple Stripe tend to have stunning purplish bulb wrappers. However, the cloves within are typically more on the brown side. Marbled Purple Stripes have grown steadily in popularity due to their consistent clove size, consistent taste, dependable growth in the garden and field, and relatively long storage life (six months and more).

 The flavour of Siberian is hot when eaten raw but very mild, almost creamy garlic when cooked. Considered gourmet garlic. 

 If you are concerned about illness, this is the garlic for you.  Siberian has one of the highest concentrations of allicin when compared to other garlic varieties.  Allicin and is a biologically active component of garlic which is antimicrobial and may have health benefits.

 Siberian originally came from Europe. It was traditionally used in Eastern European and Russian cooking. The garlic landed in Alaska sometime in the 19th century.

  They have a fair number of cloves per bulb; 6 to 8 being common. Skins are not difficult to peel but they are tight, which helps them to store well into the new year. 

Harvest- Mid to late season harvest.

Storage-  Good mid to long-term storing garlic. Expect 6-8 months if cured and stored properly

 Bulbs require well drained soil. Will not perform well if soil holds to much water. 

Sold as: 1 Bulb

Size: M/L

Bloom time: N/A

Hardy Zones: 3-8

Height: N/A

Planting depth: 2"

Spacing: 6+"

Light requirement: Full sun



Repels Deer



Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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