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Hakonechloa Grass 'All Gold'



Common name: Hakone Grass, Japanese Forest Grass, Ornamental Grass

A brilliant grass that absolutely glows in the shade!  This all-gold version of H. macra is brighter in color than Hak. m. 'Aureola', has a more upright habit, and is reportedly a more vigorous grower.  It tends to be more chartreuse in heavier shade, and brighter gold in more sun. 

Though this grass does spread by rhizomes, it is a slow grower and will not rapidly overtake its neighbors.  Plant it where it can cascade down slopes, drape over rocks, crawl over the edges of walls, at the front of the garden, or even in containers.

Hakonechloa is grown mainly for its beautiful foliage, though it does produce seed heads.  Tiny, inconspicuous reddish brown flower spiklets appear in airy clusters from late summer thru early fall.

This is an outstanding accent plant for brightening up shady gardens or pathways and is also striking in containers. Native to mountain woodlands, 'Banana Boat' slowly creeps by rhizomes to form a dense mass of bold-textured foliage. It is a long-lived, durable sedge for the woodland garden.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

Size: 2.5inch Starter

Height: 9.0-14.0"

Spread: 18.0-24.0"

Hardy: 5,6,7,8,9

Form: clump

Light requirements: Full Shade - Partial Shade

Deer resistant

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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