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Hydrangea pan. ‘Fire Light®’




Common Name: Panicle hydrangea, ‘Fire Light’

Panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) is a rapid-growing, upright, and somewhat coarsely textured, deciduous shrub. This is one of the most winter hardy of the hydrangeas and thrives in urban conditions. Bloom occurs on current season’s growth from mid summer into fall. In full bloom, the weight of the flower panicles will typically cause the branches to arch downward. 

Fire Light® is the standard to measure all panicle hydrangeas! This variety was developed by Proven Winners® to be easy-to-grow and reliable, while being selected for its huge, full flower heads and sturdy, strong stems.

With Fire Light®, expect blooms that emerge creamy-white and age to a vivid red for lots of summer color that lasts through fall. It makes a great cut flower, fresh or dried, and can be used as a hedge, solitary specimen, or incorporated into flower gardens and foundation plantings. 

Size: 4" Potted Plant (1 quart)  

Height: 6.0-8.0’

Spread: 6.0-8.0’

Flower Description: Large white flowers  form as large panicles (upright and broad cone-like structures) that contain both fertile and sterile florets, but 'Fire Light®’ produces mostly the showy sterile ones. As the bloom ages, they transition into delicate yet vibrant shades of pink to red. Panicles may be cut for fresh arrangements or for drying.

Light Requirement: Full Sun to Partial Sun. Does best in full sun. 

Soil Type: This plant tolerates a wide range of conditions, but does not grow well in soggy soil.

Hardiness Zones: 4,5,6,7,8,9

Attributes: Best Seller, Deer Resistant, Cut Flowers, Large Flower, Dried Flowers, Attracts Butterflies, Showy Flower, Prolific Flowering, Colour Change, Long Bloom, Fall Interest, Exceptionally Hardy 

 Care: Easy Care, Pruning as needed in early spring, Mulch to reduce water loss

Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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