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Paeonia 'Little Corporal'



Common name: Herbaceous Peony

  Little Corporal is very hard to find and certainly a collector's item. We have 1 root left for the 2020 season. Early Midseason Hybrid, single, red, brilliant single rose-red flowers have a large ring of yellow stamens. Flower is very symmetric, stature and flower are unique and will not be confused with other reds from P. peregrina lineage, flowers face upward. Little Corporal is a very short plant, sturdy stems, foliage is broad with points and is deep green, floriferous, easily produces seed, but no pollen, Of interest for hybridizing due to unusual pedigree.

 Little Corporal’s pod parent, Roselegance is extinct and is the product of (Salmon Dream x Lemon Chiffon). Crossed with Seidl seedling LSW6 (Laddie x Sparkling Windflower), a single red. Genetics for double flowers are contained within ‘The Little Corporal’ via Roselegance and this has been proven out in crosses at Solaris Farms. (Seidl/Bremer, 2013, USA).

 Pictures of the roots are example of the size/grade root you will receive. Our Itoh and Herbaceous peony roots are imported from the Netherlands. They are 3+ eyes. Do not be fooled by other vendors who sell smaller roots for cheaper prices. 

Size: XL 3-5 eye root

Light requirement: Sun to Partial Sun

Height: 20"

Spread: 30"

Hardy zone: 3,4,5,6,7

Attributes: Good cut flower

Deer resistant




Brand Hong Quat Packging

Kg 54g

Calo 36 Calo

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