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Aruncus dioicus 'Kneiffii'


 Common Name:  Dwarf Goats Beard  This selection of Goat’s Beard is ideal for the smaller garden, where the usual giant form would be too large. Plants form a medium-sized mound of finely-cut green leaves, similar to a Japanese Maple. Creamy-white plumes of flowers appear in early summer, which are useful for cutting and even drying. Nice in the border or in tubs, and especially at home beside a stream or pond. Removing faded flowers will tidy plants up for the rest of the season. ‘Kneiffii’ is not an easy to find selection, and deserves to be seen more in gardens....

Aruncus 'Misty Lace'


 Common Name:  Dwarf Goats Beard  'Misty Lace' is the perfect size Goat's Beard - intermediate in height between its parents, A. aesthusifolius and A. dioicus. This seedling was selected by Dr. Allan Armitage of the University of Georgia for its remarkable tolerance of the hot, humid summers in the south, also hardy to zone 4 in Canada.  In early summer, large, creamy white, feathery plumes are produced on dark red stems atop compact mounds of astilbe-like foliage. The effect is similar to that of a large astilbe and it can be used in a similar manner in the landscape. Planted en masse, the effect is...

Aruncus 'Aethusifolius'


 Common Name:  Dwarf Goats Beard  A miniature Goat's Beard with the same traits as A. dioicus at roughly 1/3 the size. This selection grows only 12 in. tall with fine, glossy, fern-like foliage.From early to midsummer, plants are adorned with 3-4" long, feathery spikes of creamy white flowers. This plant is great for tucking into small areas of a shade or rock garden. In fall, the foliage becomes a brilliant patchwork of yellow and orange. Photo courtesy of : Walters Gardens Size: #1 Bare Root Height: 10.0-12.0" Spread: 12.0-16.0" Hardy: 3,4,5,6,7 Sun Exposure:  Full Sun - Full Shade  Deer resistant  

Aruncus 'Fairy Hair'


 Common Name:  Dwarf Goats Beard   This new Goatsbeard is the perfect size for smaller spaces. 'Fairy Hair' produces sprays of creamy, triangular flower plumes that age to a darker color. Its foliage adds a whimsical touch to the garden with its needle-like, medium green leaves. Goatsbeard is similar in appearance to Astilbe in the garden, but it is more drought tolerant. Though Aruncus tends to be a slow-grower the first couple of seasons, once it is established it puts on a fabulous show year after year. Make sure it has plenty of room to grow when you first plant...



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