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Dodecatheon meadia lilac (pack of 2 )


Common name: Shooting Star Commonly called shooting star, is a much beloved, native Missouri wildflower that is indigenous to much of the eastern United States and typically occurs in open woods and glades, rocky wooded slopes, bluff ledges, meadows and prairies. From each basal rosette of lance-shaped leaves come 1-4 sturdy, leafless, center flower scapes rising to 20" tall. Atop each flower scape is an umbel containing 8-20, nodding, 1" long flowers. Each flower has five swept-back (reflexed) petals and a cluster of yellow stamens converging to a point, thus giving the flower the appearance of a shooting star plummeting...

Dodecatheon media 'Aphrodite' (2 Pack)


Common name: Shooting Star An outstanding hybrid selection of a native North American wildflower. This forms a low rosette of rounded leaves, bearing upright stems of bright magenta-pink flowers with a yellow center. Flowers are easily twice the size of other selections, with flared-back petals that give each blossom a star-like or rocket ship appearance. Prefers a moist to wet site. This will go dormant and disappear by mid summer, so do not disturb the area. Excellent for a bog or waterside planting, but adaptable to rich border conditions or the woodland garden. Excellent cut flower.  Commonly called shooting star,...



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