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Grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Oktoberfest'


If you can only have one medium to large grass in your garden it should be ‘Oktoberfest’. The color this grass displays is superior to other forms.  Compared to older Miscanthus like ‘Gracillimus’, this selection blooms much earlier (making it better for northern climates where the growing season is shorter) and has much improved fall color.  It also develops its beautiful fall color earlier in the season. Plant this grass where its wonderful winter interest can be enjoyed. Miscanthus will tolerate poor quality soil and acidic soils. Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Size: 2.0" Sarter Height: 6.0-7.0' Spread: 3.0-4.0' Form: Clumping...

Grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Huron Sunrise'


Common Name: Ornamental grass   The most profusely blooming Miscanthus. Though the green leaves with silver mid-ribs form beautiful clumps, the most outstanding feature of this new cultivar is its flowers. In late summer, a profusion of full, burgundy plumes sweep the sky. The plant maintains its graceful form throughout winter, providing tremendous winter interest. Hardy to zone 4, this variety is great for northern climates. Miscanthus is versatile from a design standpoint; it can be used as a specimen, for massing or screening, in large containers, or at the pond's edge. Plant this grass where its wonderful winter interest can...

Grass Miscanthus Sinenis 'Encore'


Common Name: Ornamental grass  This grass was selected for its flowering performance earlier in the season. Encore is a perfect choice for northern climates, where the growing season is shorter. Since it blooms so early, this ornamental grass has a chance for an encore performance, shooting up a secondary flush of coppery purple plumes before frost hits. The flowers turn to a creamy tan color with age. This perennial forms a tall, upright clump of dark green leaves with white midribs. Miscanthus is great for addding winter interest in the garden. Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Size: 2.5" Starter Plant...

Grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Huron Star'


Common Name: Ornamental grass   Compared to the older cultivar 'Silberfeder', 'Huron Star' is similar but with a few notable improvements such as a stronger and more upright habit, purple flowering stems, and brighter fall color.  The green leaves have a narrow white midrib and form an upright vase-like clump.   In late summer, large coppery seed heads turn into fluffy creamy tan panicles which are carried atop purple stems well above the foliage. In fall, the foliage turns colorful shades of red, orange, burgundy, and gold.   This is a very tall ornamental grass that is suitable en masse as a backdrop in the...

Grass Miscanthus Sinensis 'Morning Light' 1 Gallon Pot


 Morning Light is one of the finest cultivars of Miscanthus. Fine leaf blades are green with clean, very thin, white margins that give the plant a silvery cast when viewed from a distance. This plant is luminous when backlit by the early morning or late afternoon sun. It is prized for its rounded habit that never flops.This particular variety requires a very long, hot growing season to be able to produce flowers.  Miscanthus will tolerate poor quality soil and acidic soils. Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.  Size: 1 Gallon Pot, 2yr old size Height: 4.-5.' Spread: 3.0' Hardy Zones: 5,6,7,8,9 Form:Clump forming Attributes: Deer resistant...

Grass Miscanthus Sinensis variegatus 1 Gallon Pot


This is a true gem for any garden. Miscanthus s. 'Variegatus' ia green and white variegated foliage with a dense growth habit. Adding not only texture but color. The size of this grass makes it easy to add into many spots. Miscanthus will tolerate poor quality soil and acid soils. Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc. Size: 1 Gallon Pot, 2yr old size Hardy Zone:  5,6,7,8,9 Height: 5-6' Spread: 3' clump forming Sunlight: Full Sun (6+ hrs. Direct Sun) Part Shade (4-6 hrs. Direct Sun) Attributes: Deer resistant  

Grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Autumn Anthem'


Autumn Anthem has been selected for its heavy flower production and perfect habit all season. Autumn Anthem is the epitome of fall blooming Miscanthus. It forms a dense, rounded ball-shaped clump of finely textured, dark green leaves with a narrow, white midrib and is nearly equal in height and spread. Before blooming, the foliage stands about 3 ½’ tall.  In early to mid-fall, a profusion of feathery, cream-colored plumes cover the top 2/3 of the plant. There are plenty to use for cut flowers and dried flower bouquets. Be sure to leave this grass standing so it can provide winter...

Hardy Miscanthus grass



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